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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1930Pancreatic Juice in Normal Individuals and in SprueHernández, Luis G.
Jun-1926Panoramic Review of Public Health Activities in Porto RicoFernós Isern, Antonio
Jun-1934Paragonimus WestermaniBercovitz, Z.; Rogers, J.M.
Feb-1927Paragraphs from an Address given by Dr. Juan Iturbe at the School of Tropical Medicine-
Jun-1939A Parasite Survey of IsabelaHoffman, W. A. (see also / véase además Hoffman, William A.); Janer, J. L. (see also / véase además Janer, José L.)
Dec-1942Parasitismo intestinal en los monos del Isolte de SantiagoPoindexter, Hildrus A.
Dec-1931Parasitology in its relation to other sciencesHall, Maurice C.
Jun-1946Parasitos Intestinales por cestodes entre los panameñosTucker, Harold A.
Sep-1943Parálisis InfantilTrelles, Blanca H.; Sheplan, Leon B.
Jun-1934The Pathogensis of Chronic Ulcerative Pulmonary TuberculosisLong, Esmond R.
Jan-1929Pathological Studies in Malaria: I. Notes on 192 Routine Autopsies Performed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, With Special Reference to Pigmentation and Spleen SizeLambert, Robert A.; Bernardes de Oliveira, Antonio
Jun-1934Patogenesis de la Tuberculosis Pulmonar Cronica de Forma UlceradaLong, Esmond R.
Dec-1933Periodo Larvario en la UncinariasisAshford, Bailey K.
Dec-1931Pernicious Anemia and SprueSuárez, Jenaro
Jun-1926Personal Hygiene Campaign in Public SchoolsIrvine-Rivera, Edith M.
Jun-1944Peste Experimental en Cobayos Inoculados con Cepas EcuatorianasMacchiavello, Atilio; Urigüen, Daniel
May-1926Physical Education in the Public Schools of Porto RicoIrvine-Rivera, Edith M.
Mar-1941Placental Blood: Changes Occurring on Storage, with a review of the LiteratureDíaz Rivera, R.S.
Sep-1938Planorbis Corneus Not An Intermediate Host of Schistosoma MansoniHoffman, W. A. (see also / véase además Hoffman, William A.)
Jun-1943Poisoning by Carbon Tetrachloride and Oil of ChenopodiumHernández Morales, F. (see also / véase además Hernández Morales, Federico); Díaz Rivera, R. (see also / véase además Díaz Rivera, R.S.)