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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1931A Case of Hypoplastic Anemia, Pernicious Type, in the Course of Sprue, with Frequently Repeated Hematological ExaminationsAshford, Bailey K.
Dec-1931A Clinical Investigation of Thirteen Cases of Anemia of Pernicious Type in Porto RicoAshford, Bailey K.; Pons, Juan A.
Jun-1933El Violeta de Genciana en la FilariasisAshford, Bailey K.
Jun-1930Experimental Inoculation of Monkeys (Silenus Rhesus) and Guinea Pigs with two Dermatophytes and one BlastomycoidesAshford, Bailey K.; McKinley, Earl B.; Dowling, George B. Dowling
Jun-1933Gentian Violet in FilariasisAshford, Bailey K.
Dec-1933The Larval Phase of UncinariasisAshford, Bailey K.
Sep-1932Limitaciones de las Reacciones de Fermentacion de Azucares como medio de diferenciacion de Especies entre las monillas y aplicacion de una nomenclatura simplificada en la literatura medicaAshford, Bailey K.
Aug-1928Liver Extract in the Treatment of the Anemias of SprueAshford, Bailey K.
Dec-1933Periodo Larvario en la UncinariasisAshford, Bailey K.
Sep-1929The Present Status of Mycology in Medical ScienceAshford, Bailey K.
Mar-1931The Relation of Monilia Psilosis to Tropical Sprue and an Evaluation of Fermentation of sugar as a Criterion for SpecificityAshford, Bailey K.
Mar-1930A severe case of Tropical SpureAshford, Bailey K.; Lord, Everett W.
Dec-1929Suggestions for a Rapid Classification of the Anemias of Sprue and Nutritional Unbalance in the TropicsAshford, Bailey K.
Dec-1929Two Strains of Pullularia Pullulans (De Bary) Berkhout Isolated from the Human SkinCiferri, Rafaelle; Ashford, Bailey K.